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Employment Law

Employment Law affects everyone involved in business and commerce. It is relevant to small businesses through to multi-national group companies and unincorporated organisations. We are specialist employment lawyers, Members of the Employment Lawyers Association and we advise employers, employees and the self employed alike.


Divorce, Wills, Probate & LPA's

Divorce affects a large proportion of relationships and couples no longer necessarily elect to marry. Disputes over ownership of assets and their division occur leaving you worried for the future, your individual finanaces, the home, children and those you will be leaving behind.


Dispute Resolution

Our Clients need to take advice on the best way to avoid a dispute, negotiate settlement or decide on the most appropriate dispute resolution process to use. Our priority is to protect our Client's interests

We try to resolve problems at the earliest possible point thereby keeping costs to a minimum.


Company Law

We will deal with your debtors, winding up and insolvency. We will deal with the negotiation on your contracts and agreements no matter what they may be to ensure all your aims are established and achieved. We will draft your terms and conditions of business and sue on your company's behalf when things go wrong in times of dispute.



Residential and Commercial Property.


Intellectual Property Rights

Intellectual Property, Registered and unregistered design rights, Copyright and Passing Off.


Consumer Law

This can naturally be a difficult area of law due to the huge amount of Legislation, EU Regulations and specialist industry groups. We are one of the few Norwich Solicitors that can assist with specialist consumer problems.


KJL Solicitors offer advice in the complex and fast changing fields of Employment Law, Commercial and Company Law and legal representation in Civil and Commercial Litigation. We regularly provide advice and litigate in the fields of intellectual property and shipping.  We have welcomed licensing, contract and construction experts to our team and as a highstreet practice we also deal comprehensively with residential property, wills, probate, lasting powers of attorney, divorce and all forms of alternative dispute resolution processes, (ADR).


Based just off the A47 to the east of Norwich, with a wealth of knowledge, clients needs are dealt with by our solicitors using sound and strategic commercial considerations. Resolutions are reached quickly, pragmatically and at the lowest possible cost to you. Our solicitors with their London based experience are practical and tactical whilst remaining commercially realistic.


Come and visit us at our offices just outside of Norwich in Blofield. Relax and discover how KJL Solicitors can meet the needs of you, your family, your business and all your future planning.   Specialist Solicitors in Employment Law, Commercial and Company Law, Civil and Commercial Litigation, Alternative Dispute Resolution, Property, Divorce, Intellectual Property, Shipping, Contract and Consumer Law. 


We hold the excellent quality mark with the Law Society for Conveyancing and Civil and Commercial Mediation.   


We have a dedicated Mediation Centre at our premises in Blofield catering predominantly for Civil and Commercial Disputes. For further information on mediation and using our mediation service as a way of avoiding litigation click here.

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