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Competition, Restraint of Trade, Covenants & Anti-Competitive Market Activity

Competition Law


KJL Solicitors provide legal advice, draft appropriate documentation and conduct litigation in relation to unfair competition matters.

The regulatory framework of competition law at national and international level exists to prevent anti-competitive practices. We advise on all aspects of UK and EU competition law, cartels, monopolies, abuse of dominant position, and restrictive trade practices.


Restraints of Trade


Restraints of trade seek to protect the goodwill, trade secrets of a business as well as seeking to impose affecting post-termination restrictive covenants purchase in employment contracts, and restrictions on competition in contracts for the sale of businesses.


Restrictive Covenants


Restrictive covenants amount to a form of restraint and will only be upheld as enforceable by courts if they protect a legitimate business interest. The restraint must go no further than protecting the legitimate interests of the business that seeks to rely on any particular covenant. However it is theoretically possible for valid restrictive covenants in a shareholder agreement for example to be wider than those in a contract of employment. We also deal with breaches of restrictive covenants and the defence of attempts to enforce excessively harsh terms.


We will seek an injunction on your behalf to restrain anti-competitive activity where the law allows.


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