KJL Solicitors in Norwich

Trading Terms & Conditions

We will assist you in providing trading terms for your business that impose interest provisions in default of payment or where payments are made late. We will limit your liability under contract where the law allows and we will discuss with you how best to trade within the parameters of legislation that may affect your particular business, sales or trading activity. 

We will discuss with you scenarios of dispute so you can avoid these in the future.

We can assist you with the composition of your business set up by giving advice setting out where we think agreements should be in place or written contracts should be secured.  We can advise and draft on all aspects of your business contracts as well as providing your contracts of employment for staff.  We will offer you bespoke business documents covering agreements, contracts, trading terms, terms and conditions of business, sale & purchase documentation, invoices, etc, each individually tailored to the needs of your business.