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Employees are far more aware of their rights and Employers are far more regularly finding themselves having to defend Tribunal Claims and Legal Proceedings.  It should be noted that there are strict time limits in making an Employment Claim and if you are considering a claim we suggest you contact us as soon as possible to review whether you have a potentially viable claim.


Often Employees just want to know where they stand in a current situation so they can assess their rights and any possible remedies they may have in order to move a potentially contentious situation forward.


If however, you are unable to resolve a dispute with your Employer.

  • We will assist you in the filling out of Tribunal forms so you can bring a claim against your employer, we will guide you through and act on your behalf through the process
  • If your matter requires County or High Court action depending on the nature and value of your claim we will similarly advise and act for you throughout the entire process
  • We negotiate and will give specific advice to employees when they are being asked to sign Compromise agreements for loss of office or termination of their position. 
  • We will also advise you on the terms and conditions contained within any compromise agreement and explain the risks you may face on leaving your employment in respect of post termination restrictions.

Some employees may have legal expenses insurance on their home and contents insurance policies.  You should check whether you have such insurance in place as it may cover your legal costs in bringing a Tribunal Claim.  Similarly if you are a member of a Union you may be entitled to some help with your legal costs.