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Employment Helpline

We offer a variety of training, consultancy services and work based mediations, see below for an example

Human Resources generally deal with the following 10 areas:-

  1. Selection and Recruitment to include anti discriminatory advertising of positions.
  2. Training and Development and any provisions for repayment of such expense should the employee leave their employment within a certain period of time.
  3. Performance, Evaluation and Management of staff.
  4. Promotion and the selection criteria and the issue of new contract terms.
  5. Redundancy.
  6. Industrial and Employee Relations.
  7. Record keeping and the holding of all personal data.
  8. Bonus Schemes and Performance or Sales generated targets for bonuses.
  9. Confidential advice to internal Employees in relation to problems at work.

10.  Career development.


We can work in house or externally on your behalf to set up your company’s practice in these areas or we can advise upon improvements that should be made where the HR function already existing.

We are CEDR Accredited Mediators and undertake Workplace Mediation

Whether at your business premises or at our specialist built Mediation Centre we can mediate between staff in the hope of reaching sensible resolutions when conflicts arise.  This can be especially useful where cases of harassment or actions under the Equality and Diversity Act have begun to appear.  Speak to us and see how we can help you resolve the important internal staffing issues. 

We have provided Seminars in some of the following areas:

  • The Employment Act 2002 (Dispute Resolution) Regulation 2004 and its impact.
  • Disability Discrimination Act 1995, what Employers had to do to become compliant and to avoid discriminatory practice for the purpose of the Act. We have advised on several occasions as to the changes within Discrimination legislation.
  • Local businesses need to keep abreast of changes as they happen. In order to assist them to do this we have given open business seminars on hot topics of the day such as The Employment Equality (Age) Regulations 2006 which came into force on 6th April 2007. We were able to advise employers on their recruiting policies, staff management and retirement policies as they would be impacted under this legislation directly and indirectly.
  • The Construction (Design and Management) Regulations 2006 which consolidated the Construction (Health Safety and Welfare) Regulations 1996 and came into force on 6th April 2007. These Regulations were to change the employment status of many contractors, directly affecting therefore the employee and the employer.
  • We regularly provide helpline advice services on all employment issues as well as providing where required in-house Human Resource services dealing with practice, policies, internal procedures and management strategies. We tailor such work to suit the differing requirements of each individual business.